Start A Web Business From Home During Monkeypox or Any Other Outbreak

Start a Web Business From Home During Monkeypox Or Any Other Outbreak

Are you fed up with epidemics, testing and the choice of missing work or getting infected by co-workers? Would you like to be your own boss and spend your time working from home on your own terms? I can show you how to stay safely at home and start a web business during monkeypox, covid, polio, measles or any other contagious disease that is reemerging.  

I know it sounds too good to be true. You will have to put in some time up front but in just a day or two you can have a website up and running without needing any programming language or technical experience. There is a way to start your website today with step by step instructions and a world of options! You don’t have to be at the mercy of each new virus and workplace restrictions forever. Start a web businesses from home now and see how it can work. 

How Is It Possible to Start a Web Business From Home During Moneypox, Covid or Any Other Disease Outbreak?

I did it and you can too. I had no experience in programming, coding or web business. I am a real person, not a bot and I am not pushing an MLM or pyramid scheme. You can start your own web business in the safety of your own home. This program is run by a great company in Canada and they are also real people (who will contact you and say hi) and don’t hide behind expensive pay walls to take your money for “coaching” or personal phone calls. I do affiliate marketing which is reviewing products and hosting links to those products on my website. If someone buys something I get a commission. I have considered creating my own products and e-books as well. 

There are many options to start an online web business including:

  • Advertise your own products or e-books
  • Review products and be an affiliate so you get a commission if someone clicks a link to buy the product
  • Get paid for advertising on your website
  • Get paid to write articles for other people’s websites
  • Get paid to place other people’s articles on your website
  • Advertise for local business, either your own or someone else’s
  • Get paid to help local businesses build a website
  • And more!

That all may sound daunting but you can do this with instructions through a platform set up for beginners like I did. 

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Get Out of the Contagious Cubical World By Starting Your Own Web Business

I enjoy a pretty flexible work environment at my job but even so are times I feel trapped sitting in a cubical with sneezing and coughing co-workers just a few feet away. It is very hard to stay home every time I am sick and any of my co-workers are sick as well. During cold and flu season it was always hard but now that Covid season is all year round, it is virtually impossible! With the added concern of monkeypox and other viruses re-emerging such as polio and measles, it feels like a job is just a ticking time bomb of potential infection. 

As of September 2nd, 2022, there are:

  • Monkeypox: 19,465 cases of monkeypox in the United States and 52,090 in the world. 
  • Covid: There are still over 500,000 new cases of Covid occurring per week in the United States and over 4,300,000 cases per week worldwide.

There are small outbreaks of polio, measles and other diseases occurring as well, however those are not much of a concern at this time.  

What Does It Require to Build Your Own Web Business?

There are a few things you NEED and a few more you will benefit greatly from.

In my opinion you NEED the following:

*An internet connection (there are potential ways around this but they are not very efficient). 

*A computer (either laptop or desktop) or pad/large phone. I have not attempted to do this all on a phone so I don’t recommend it but I am sure if you have a large enough phone it is possible. 

*The time to get this up and running. The amount of time is highly variable however depending on a lot of factors such as your focus for the business, if you are running one website/business or many at once, how much you know about the topic and don’t need to research, your typing speed and accuracy, the methods you choose to focus on. Some methods are much more labor intensive than others. You can learn which ones are more efficient however so you don’t waste extra time. For example, using social media can be great for some people but it takes a large time investment since most social media channels require constant updating to make your content visible. If you enjoy that great, but if you don’t have the time for social media posts every day, there are plenty of ways to make your business work without it. I have run my businesses both ways and decided I prefer the more efficient methods that avoid daily social media commitment as I just don’t have the time for it. 

*Some type of training to learn how to set up a website, how to do keyword research, how to find affiliate programs, how to properly use images, how to add links, how to compress images, how to figure out search engine optimization so your content gets ranked by the search engines. I prefer one particular program which covers all of this as well as web hosting, free to use images and so much more. I will get more into this in the Things You Would Benefit From Section below. 

*A web hosting company to host your website if you have one.

You Would Really Benefit and Be More Efficient With the Following:

*Your own website. You can potentially work by selling your writing to be posted on other people’s websites but then your business is more a ghost writer or guest writer and you don’t have a place to display your brand. I think this would be very difficult and you would be more a freelancer or gig employee. With your own website you can:

  • Build your own brand
  • Become an authority on a certain topic
  • Get paid to host advertising
  • Get paid to let other people post their work on your site
  • Get paid commissions when people click on affiliate links on your site and make a purchase of a product you review
  • Sell your own products 
  • Many more options that are growing constantly as the online world evolves. 

*A platform to host your website that also gives you:

  • Step by step training,
  • Proprietary included tools to use such a keyword tool that allow you to research keywords without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on that alone.
  • Tens of thousands of free images to use in most every topic so you don’t waste a ton of time researching each image to determine copywrite restrictions, fees, fines etc. 
  • Website support (who you contact if something breaks or you don’t know how to do something technical),
  • IT security (vital nowadays to prevent viruses of the techie kind, spam and falling victim to scams),
  • A community of like minded people who are all there to help each other and share their ideas as they build their own businesses. 
  • Additional training added every day to keep you up to speed on developments in the fast moving online world. This is a big one. Even if you can figure out how to set up a website on your own, the algorithms that the search engines (like Google and Bing) use to decide how to rank your content are changing all the time. There can be changes every day and certainly dozens or hundreds per year. If you built a successful website ten years ago, the same methods would not be successful today. 

Here are some of the benefits you get with my favorite platform, Wealthy Affiliate to build your web business:

Things You May Think You Need To Start A Web Business But You Really Don’t

  • Technical knowledge in IT
  • Technical knowledge in computer programming
  • Experience in web design or website construction
  • A degree or background in writing (being somewhat decent at writing certainly helps but there are plenty of grammar and spell checker tools to help you). You do NOT need any degree or experience in the field. 
  • A strong knowledge of a special topic to write about. You don’t need a special background or expertise. In fact, you can learn about a topic you are interested in as you go or write about regular, everyday topics that you are interested in. 

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Starting A Web Business From Home While You Are Still Employed

I recommend starting a web business while you are still employed if you are inclined. You don’t have to but if you choose to start your web business while you are still employed there are several advantages:

You will have less stress since you still have a paycheck coming in. There is a huge range for how long it will take to make money from a web business. You can theoretically start making money in a few weeks but depending on how hard you work, how smart you work (do you have good training and support) and your niche, it could take much longer. I would imagine most people start making money in a few months but the amount is highly variable. If you are only making a few dollars then you still need a source of income. Other factors that dictate how long it takes to make money include, how much time you have to dedicate to your web business (do you have kids or other responsibilities?), how many hours per day and days per week can you work at first to get up and running, do you have knowledge about your niche already or will you have to do research as you go? I hope none of this sounds discouraging. I was personally shocked at how fast I could start making money, however, I did have a full time job and family already and did not have time to dedicate to this full time. That means I never worked at this as a full time job and didn’t make as much as someone who could. 

The Great Feeling of Building An Additional Income Stream

Even if you have a job it is a GREAT feeling to know you have your own business bringing in an additional income. It is wonderful to know if you wanted to or had to quit your job that you have a business growing along the way and once you quit your job you can ramp up your business!

The Security of Having a Back Up Plan in Life

You never know when the climate at a job will change. Any time you get new management, new policies or go through new market conditions your job could change. You never know for sure that your job is 100% secure. Businesses go bankrupt, consumer demand changes, regulations change, supply chain and transportation delays as well as lack of workers is affecting just about every business I have seen for the last few years during Covid. Many businesses are shutting down or cutting hours or closing certain days of the week. Other jobs such as government jobs may start outsourcing or giving union workers less and less desirable contracts. Things change and you as an employee are likely not in control. It is a great feeling of security to know you have your own business to fall back on. 

I Am A Real Person, Let Me Prove It!

In case you are worried this is just another canned article online, I would like to assure you I am a real person. My name is Jessica. I live in Alaska. Here is a photo taken this summer about a half hour from my home.

I hope you will ask me if you have any questions. Please leave a comment below or email me.

If you want to check out the amazing Wealthy Affiliate platform, here is a personal invitation for you. There is no obligation to look around. No credit card or other info will be gathered, so come on in and take a look around today!

To your success!


Jessica at Eklutna Lake

Real Web Freedom makes use of affiliate relationships with merchants such as for monetization. This means when you click on links on this site and make a purchase, this can result in a commission that is credited to this site. This does not affect purchase price and you will not pay a penny more.


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  • I love the way you wrote this article to promote WA!

    Thank you so much for sharing how to start a web business from home.

    There are so many ways to start working from home and affiliate marketing is by far the most lucrative that has worked for me. I’ve been doing this since 2016 and this is so creative.

    Affiliate marketing is definitely recession proof and can withstand any pandemic or monkeypox or any other outbreak cuz you can do this at the comfort of your own home.

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