How To Start A Blog Business At Home

How To Start a Blog Business At Home

Do you want to start a blog business at home? You might like the idea but be intimidated by the details like web hosting, web design or coding. Good news. You don’t have to know much about any of those to start your own business. You can see the steps I recommend below.

What Are the Steps To Build A Blog Business At Home?

If you want to build a blog business, here are the steps I recommend from experience. I have 4 websites myself, all hosted through Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Sign Up For Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate or Try the Free Membership with No Obligation and No Credit Card.
  2. Pick Your Niche from your own interests. Pets, plants, cars, cooking, photography, exercise, fashion or any other topic you can imagine.
  3. Set Up Your Website with one of thousands of themes provided with your membership.
  4. Do Keyword Research to See What Terms People Are Looking For That Have Low Competition. Use the built in platform for this.
  5. Start Writing with easy writing platforms provided.
  6.  Sign Up For Google Analytics.
  7. Get Comments and Feedback on your content to start getting traffic to your site.
  8. Join Affiliate Programs if you want to turn your blog into a business.
  9. Add Links to Affiliates.
  10. Write, promote your site, start getting readers and making sales!

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Where Can You Get Honest Web Hosting and All Instruction To Build a Blog Business?

I tried other platforms and I can say I honestly believe in Wealthy Affiliate hands down. They provide:

  • Web Hosting with 24/7 IT Support
  • No Upsells. Pay One Price and No More
  • Step by Step Instructions to Build Your Blog Site
  • Instruction on All Aspects of Turning Your Blog Into A Business such as keyword searches, affiliate programs, images, using Google Analytics, search engine updates explained in basic terms, comments, linking and so much more.
  • Built in Platforms for Keyword Searches, Comments, Writing, Free Images and more. These are powerful tools you won’t find elsewhere.
  • An Amazing Community of Entrepreneurs From Around the World to Help You.
  • Real Company Owners Who You Can See Without Paying Extra.
  • Many Options to Build Your Business All At the Same Price.

Many companies claim it is easy to start a blog but I can tell you from experience how to avoid getting scammed in the process. It is very easy to build a blog with a reputable hosting company but please don’t fall for the common advertising. Here is why:

It is Easy to Build a Blog Business But Don’t Fall for The Advertising!

Yahoo, Go Daddy and many other sites advertise how easy it is to start a website. It is! I would not go through these companies however. Many of these sites offer packages starting at only $10 a month but you will get caught in upsells and fees. I fell for these sites myself and regretted it. I felt lost. I did not have the help needed to truly build a successful blog let alone a business. It felt like a dream wasted along with money down the drain. I am now a member of a great site that provides everything I need for one price that does not change. They are real people. You can contact the owners and get 24/7 IT Support from their team. This platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and they have helped me start multiple blog businesses.

How Long Will It Take to Build A Blog Business and Start Making Money?

This is a common question that most everyone ponders when they consider starting a blog business. The fact is there is no easy answer because there are millions of individual paths you can take. You may be working full time and have a family to care for and want to build your blog up slowly over time. That is great! You will obviously have less time to dedicate than someone who can work at this like a full time job. Honestly I prefer the slow and steady approach while I still have a regular job. I have the security of a regular paycheck and know I am building up my own business at the same time. Win win!

Just as your personal timetable affects the timeline of your business, you choice of niche and the type of blog you run will affect it as well. If you pick a very popular niche with a ton of competition and don’t learn to find great low competition keywords, you could take much longer to start making sales.

If you choose a low competition niche you can quickly rise to the top of the little competition out there. I prefer to pick fairly popular niches that are known as “evergreen niches”. These are not popular like the latest pop star or social media craze. They are popular since many people are looking for these topics everyday. My first site was a pet product site. Pets are a huge niche but it is an evergreen niche because it never goes out of style.

You might wonder how you can be successful in such a popular niche. The key is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches. It starts with keyword research. That means finding search terms that people are looking for online that do not have much competition. There are a million ways to ask a question about pets. Depending on the specific topic and wording you can find terms that people are typing into search engines but that few other websites are using. Wealthy Affiliate has their own keyword research tool that makes this a breeze! Just type in your search term ideas! This tool alone makes the membership fee worth it. It is one of a ton of tools and platforms that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Just like keyword research, there are many tips and tricks to help you quickly get to the top of the search results. You will truly have a leg up in building a blog business.

Another huge benefit to Wealthy Affiliate is the Site Comments platform. This is a way for other members to leave comments on your web posts. This is a massive head start since they will be your first traffic and the search engines reward sites that get traffic and comments. You can pay for comments or leave comments on other’s sites to get credits to receive comments in return.

So, How Soon Can You Start Making Money With Your Blog Business?

If you follow all the steps and put in the time you can start making money fairly fast. This is not get rich quick and you really need to stick it out and build up your business over time to be successful. I started making sales the second month my site was up and running. It was not a lot but it showed that if you really follow through this works! The more you work on your site the faster you can get up and running.

What if You Can’t Do Training and Work On Your Blog at a Set Time?

Working on your blog is entirely up to your schedule. You can work during the day or at night. You can access the lessons and training anytime, any day, all year long. There is no set class time or expiration date as long as you are a member. Stop anywhere and pick back up when you are ready.

How Long Will It Take to Get A Blog Started?

If you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate now, you could have your blog started today! It only takes a few hours to get the basic website started. In a few days you can have a nice looking site with pretty images, a page about yourself, a privacy policy (templates available) and your first blog posts. Some people spend a few days picking their niche (I did). That is great. It is not bad to carefully think about the direction you want to go before you dive in. Some people like to spend more time picking the theme (the prepackaged format that determines how your site will look). You can pick a basic them and just dive in and change it later or you can try out hundreds of free themes to find just the right one. It is up to you.

The choices are up to you but the basics can be set up the first day.

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Hi, I am Jessica. I am a real person who runs blog businesses from Alaska. This picture was just taken last week.



14 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog Business At Home

  • Hello there! Thank you for dropping this very elaborate article on how to start a blog business at home. I’ve gone through the article and I must commend your effort for putting out a very detailed article that’s filled with information. Blogging is a business that you don’t only earn from but increases your brain capacity because before you blog, you have to make a research so your brain works all the time. From your article, it shows it’s really easy to start a blog at home. I always thought it was difficult, hence my reason for not starting one. Thank you for changing the narrative. 

    • Hello Sophie,

      It is not hard if you get proper training that is up to date. Many people try to start a blog business on their own which is very, very difficult. What worked 10 years ago also does not work now. I was so thrilled when I found a platform which could teach me everything I needed to be successful!



  • Hello Jessica, 

    Starting an online job isn’t as easy as well all see it from a distance and I have had that feeling some time ago when I wanted to start by creating a blog, it didn’t work out well and I had to close the idea completely and wait for the right signals. Lately, I have been looking for means to learn about online businesses and wealthy affiliate has been a name that I keep seeing to get the training I need and you have given well detailed information about the platform. 

    • Hello ReeceMichael,

      There are so many sites claiming you can start a website for $10. They make it sound like you can have your business up and running in a day. You can build a website in a day but there are much more to learn how to get traffic, high search engine rankings and sales. It is not hard but you have to have someone to show you the way through the trees. Once you know the path you can easily build your business and be successful with dedication. 

      Thank you,


  • It’s a very good thing that you shared this here, to, stay home jobs or online businesses are now something that almost everyone are diving into for a source of income or as a side gig and there are lots of great opportunities to benefit from. Blogging requires a bit of experience, I mean you need to actually know about how to build your blog, it is a very lucrative business and with an article like this, it’ll be so easy to start it..

    • Hello Jbryce,

      So many people work from home now so starting a business from home will likely become more common as well. It is a great option for people but you need to know how to do it effectively. I hope to help people learn how to do that so they can successfully create a reliable source of income. 



  • Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s one needs to be aware of when trying to set up an online/ blog business at home. Most people these days are all working from home, i think these steps will go a long way in helping out to create a blog, thanks 

    • Helloo Philebur,

      Yes, working from home is suddenly becoming the norm! People are also losing their jobs and looking for ways to build their own business for security or a second income. I hope people will check out my recommendation to build a blog business from home.

      Thank you,


  • Hi Jessica!

    I really like your post, it is quite detailed.

    So, the question about how fast we can make money is the one everybody is asking right now. Because some people made the blogging business sounds so fun and easy to do. That we all think that you can start today and get your first cheque by the end of the week.

    I will join you in reiterating the fact that it is not a get rich quick scheme. You need to put in the work and efforts towards your success.


    • Hello,

      Yes. If someone says you can get rich quick you really need to run the other way because it is a scam. Like most things in life you need to learn how to build a successful business blog. You need to learn how to write content that will get ranked by the search engines. You need to learn how to become an affiliate and make sales. It doesn’t have to be hard though! Once you learn the steps it gets faster and faster. 

      If you are not willing to learn these things you can’t succeed. Having a platform to teach us all that for an affordable price so that we can actually make a profit the first year is actually a very smart and fast way to build a business. 



  • Thank you for this helpful guide on how to get started with blogging and how to actually make a living out of it. It is never an easy thing really understand the process of managing and dealing with blogging especially as a newbie. Hence, seeing this here makes a lot if sense to me. Thoughtful of you ti share this out to us all

  • I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a number of years now and I was impressed to read that you made sales on your website so quickly. It took me six months before I got my first sale after joining, but I do this part time, so I was quite happy with that.

    Many members are quietly making their fortunes only using the tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides, and if one follows the training and does the work, there is no reason why it cannot work for anyone.

    I agree that one has to be careful just where you get your Domain names and hosting, as although some places are a lot cheaper, always remember that you are paying for what you get.

    • Thank you Michel,

      My first site was a pet site. I did not make a profit right away but I made sales very fast which surprised me! If people follow the steps they can get sales and even make a profit fairly fast. It won’t be enough to get rich at first but just as you get what you pay for, you also reap what you sow! 

      I am glad you agree that Wealthy Affiliate gives us the tools we need,


  • Blogging is all about creating content, driving traffic and earning income. To generally put, blogging is a way of sharing your thoughts online. Blogging is the great means to share your knowledge or thoughts using text on website or blog. Those who write and share their knowledge and update it daily are called bloggers.
    It can be an educational knowledge, relationship, health, etc. or if you have got any sort of knowledge and you want to share it with others, you can use a blog.

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