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Google Search Traffic Down 2021

Google Search Traffic Down 2021 The Google December 2020 Core Update Have you noticed a downturn in Google search traffic lately? My traffic from Google totally disappeared for several days in January 2021. Google has just completed their December 2020 Core Update. These large (“core”) updates to Google’s algorithm occur several times per year. The […]

How To Start A Blog Business At Home

How To Start a Blog Business At Home Do you want to start a blog business at home? You might like the idea but be intimidated by the details like web hosting, web design or coding. Good news. You don’t have to know much about any of those to start your own business. You can […]

Work At Home During The Coronavirus and Beyond

Work At Home During the Coronavirus and Beyond There are new outbreaks of mutant influenza strains and other viruses every few years. Right now the COVID-19 coronavirus is spreading around the globe. What if you could start a real business from home and no longer needed to go to work? This sounds like a dream […]

What is the 2019 Google BERT Update and What Does it Mean for Bloggers?

What is the 2019 Google BERT Update and What Does it Mean for Bloggers? On October 24, 2019, Google announced a new core algorithm update called BERT. BERT stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”. BERT is the latest update in Google’s attempt to create a smarter search engine that recognizes nuances in speech and […]

How I Started An Online Business At Home

How I Started An Online Business At Home Does starting a home business online sound enchanting but too good to be true? Does it seem unrealistic for a regular person. Like a magical unicorn? I felt that way for years. I have always been independent and wanted the ability to be my own boss. I […]