How To Work Online At Home

How To Work Online At Home

If you want to work from home there are many options but they can be challenging. How do you know you will be able to make enough money? I have tried many different programs but was not satisfied with any of them until I found Wealthy Affiliate. When I learned there was a way to easily create websites based on topics I love and make money without “selling” I was intrigued.

The Problem With Most Commission Based Programs and Why This is Totally Different

Wealthy Affiliate is unique for many reasons but the biggest reason I love it is because I can write about anything I want. I don’t have to promote someone else’s product. With many programs you are signed up to sell a specific product or product line such as supplements, cleaning products etc. That might sound all right at first but how long do you want to talk about and write about a certain product? How long do you want to be forced to sell that product always looking for more family, friends and strangers to buy in? I am not interested in attempting to make a living selling one product line. What happens when there are many other people promoting the same product? What happens if my friends and family don’t want to be sold to? What if I can’t find random people to try the product? I love Wealthy Affiliate because I am not tied to any particular product, company, commission scheme and I don’t have a boss. I decide what I write about, what I recommend and I am my own boss.

Traffic Comes to You

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to find people to sell to and traffic came to you? That is how affiliate marketing works. You write about topics that you are interested in. You learn how to make your content rank well in search engines like Google. When people search for something, your content shows up at the top of the search results and people click to your site. Once there, if they click on a link to a product and make a purchase, you get a commission. There are thousands of affiliate programs but some are very common like Amazon. I use Amazon because they offer such a wide array of products and I get a commission no matter what someone buys. If my website is about pet products and someone clicks on my Amazon link for a pet food but they end up buying a coffee maker, I get a commission. If they buy a pair of shoes I get a commission. No matter what that person purchases I get a commission. Of course it feels great when they buy a product I recommend, but the money is the same regardless of what they choose.

How Can We Compete With Large Sites?

You might wonder how could someone starting out write content on their website that can rank highly on Google? I routinely have my posts ranked higher than Amazon, Walmart and the brand names of the products I am reviewing! It is very easy when you have great training in Search Engine Optimization. SEO as it is known, is all about the criteria that is rewarded by the search engines. There are over 300 different components that go into Google’s ranking algorithm. You don’t need to know all of them. I don’t know anybody who does. They are constantly changing anyway. You can easily learn the big factors however. Those biggest ranking factors change over time however. The big factors 10 years ago are not the same ones that matter now. If you don’t keep up to date you won’t rank. That is why many people who learned to write for blogs in the past won’t be able to compete now. Their training is outdated. Wealthy Affiliate keep us up to date so we know what to focus on to rank well in the search engine now. Some of these components include:

  • Use of long-tail keywords. This is my secret for getting high rankings and traffic. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what those were either. Wealthy Affiliate has it’s own professional keyword tool to make finding these easy.
  • Properly placed, compressed images. Wealthy Affiliate offers tens of thousands of free to use images and built in compression as well as teaching you how to find images anywhere.
  • Use of headings to break up text and act as secondary keywords. I didn’t understand the importance of headings when I started.
  • Quality content posted regularly. Wealthy Affiliate has a built in writing platform to help you create your posts and helps you learn what will attract readers.
  • Comments. Comments raise post ranking in the search engines but they need to be relevant and not full of backlink spam. Wealthy Affiliate has a comment platform for members to exchange valuable comments. These raise my ranking overnight. It can take years or lots of money to get this many comments on your own.

These are just a few ranking points that you will learn about and the great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you don’t have to pay extra for any of these built in tools and platforms. They offer a feedback platform, ways to earn cash or credits within the system, and much more.

IT Support and Security

This is a huge catch to starting your own website. Most platforms offer IT support but you may have to wait awhile to get help and that help may not be very easy to use. I have only had a few issues in the years I have been at Wealthy Affiliate and I can honestly say they usually fix my problems in 30 seconds to 2 minutes! They are available 24/7 no matter what. I just fill out the form to say what my problem is and Boom! it is fixed.

I have never been hacked or had any security issues with my websites while being a member of Wealthy Affiliate and using their hosting. Of course you never have to pay a penny extra for their security and IT support. Everything is included.

The Price Won’t Go Up

A problem with many other web hosting platforms and training sites is that they advertise a low price but then a few months in your price goes up. They wait until you have a site built and feel stuck then raise the rates. This happened to one of my referrals. There are also endless upsells. You get started and then have to pay extra to get the full benefits, pay extra to get help, pay extra to get access to the owners etc. etc. etc. Wealthy Affiliate never charges extra for anything you need. If you take advantage of the Black Friday Special your price will be grandfathered in so you will never have to pay more for annual membership no matter how long you stay a member.¬† No matter what membership you choose however, the price is always very reasonable and surprisingly affordable. Other sites cost thousands of dollars per year and don’t offer all that you get here.

So, HOW Do You Make Money with a Website?

I wondered how I could make money with my own website if I was not part of a MLM company or selling a specific product for someone else? How do you make money with your own website? It is pretty simple actually.

You write about something you are interested in. It could be a review of a specific product that you think is just great, a specific problem you have had and a product that fixes the problem or a product you really don’t like and a better alternative. For example, on my nutrition website I write about nutritional supplements I love, health problems and how these supplements help them or about comparisons of different products. On my pet site I write about pet health and behavior problems and solutions, reviews of pet foods and whatever else I want.

2. You add affiliate links to your posts. (You will have to sign up with affiliate programs first). I mostly use Amazon but there are thousands of affiliate programs and more popping up every day).

3. Get traffic to your posts. This could be from your great content and keywords so traffic comes to you, through social media or a number of other ways.

4. When someone clicks on one of the links on your site they are taken to the merchant’s site (such as Amazon etc). If they purchase something, you get a commission. This is why I like Amazon. No matter what they buy I get a commission. They might click a link for a supplement but if they buy a coffee maker I still get paid!

5. You make money! Even if you are gone for the weekend and don’t touch your computer, you can still make money. Everything is set up and you don’t have to do anything. Now I am not saying this is a get rich quick thing. You won’t get rich overnight. You won’t be able to quit your joy right away. It might take years to get to that point depending how much time you put in. I can tell you I make money year round however. I get paid every month from Amazon.¬† I have been busy and hardly touched my websites for a month at a time and I still make money. I pay for my WA membership and make a profit every year now. There is NO money lost. I have NO debt in this business.

How Does This Compare to a Physical Shop or other Offline Business?

It may sound crazy to compare a website to a “real” business that is in a physical building. When you look at the cost comparison however it is shocking how logical a web business is!

A Physical Shop or Other Offline Business

Start up costs include:

  • A physical location that may be purchased or rented to house the business or at least storage and production space if you make your own product.
  • Property taxes and insurance on that space.
  • Advertising. If you don’t have a website you will need to let people know your business exists. If you do have a website you could still use Wealthy Affiliate and come out ahead (I have several referrals with local businesses that use Wealthy Affiliate for their websites).
  • Utilities including, heat, electricity, water, sewer, garbage and any other utilities. That is hundreds to thousands of dollars per month!
  • Phone and internet service. You will need internet to run the computers and cash register etc. as well as many other types of equipment.
  • Furnishings and supplies. Say you have a business space. You will still need counters, shelves, a cash register, possibly tables, chairs, refrigerators, air conditioning, and on and on and on. All that has to be paid for.
  • Shipping and transportation. How do you get the materials you need to your place of business and then get your product to customers? On one end or both you will have shipping or transportation costs or you will be driving around yourself all the time getting materials.
  • Lost revenue when things don’t sell. In a regular shop you have to guess what will sell and how much. If you run short you miss sales and if you have too much you will lose money as things sit and get stored but don’t sell.
  • Employees. You may be able to do every thing yourself but if you get very big you will need employees who have to be paid.
  • Loss of wages. If you run a business yourself in a physical location the chance is very high you will not have time to have a regular job. Therefore, you have to give up wages from a job while you start your business. What if you just can’t afford to not have wages coming in? Most people can’t afford to quit their job and invest a ton of money in a start up business at the same time. The risk is huge and most small businesses fail.

A Website Business Utilizing Affiliate Marketing

Costs include:

  • Your Wealthy Affiliate Membership which is free or only $299 for the entire year if you take advantage of the Black Friday Sale.
  • The cost of a domain name if you want your own .com web address. Those are about $13 per year at Wealthy Affiliate. You can also have a free website through Wealthy Affiliate but it won’t be a .com. You can run up to 25 of these free websites included with your membership!

I was making money, making a profit and all I paid was $299 per year and $10-$14 each for two web domains. That is all I needed to pay.

That’s it. Really. That is ALL you need to pay to run your own business. For the cost of the WA premium membership you can run multiple .com websites as well. Wealthy Affiliate¬† hosts up to 25 of your own .com websites for the same price. Whether you run one website or many, the price is still $299 with the Black Friday Sale.

Costs You Will Not Have:

No physical location needed, just your laptop computer anywhere you want to be from your table, desk, bed or a coffee shop.

No extra property taxes and insurance. In fact you can get a tax break on your federal income taxes if you run a home business.

No advertising costs. You can pay for advertising if you want but Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything you need to get organic traffic and sales. That is how I operate my businesses. I do not pay for advertising.

No extra utility costs if you already have internet. I don’t pay a penny more for heat, water, trash, electricity etc. because I am just at home.

If you already have internet service at home you don’t need to pay any more to run a website.

No extra furnishings or supplies needed. You don’t need to have shelves for products, storage or a cash register. You never have to store any products. The customer is ordering directly from the merchant.

No shipping or transportation costs. You don’t have to package and ship anything! The customer orders from the merchant who does all that. You just get a commission because they found the site through your link.

No cost to purchase items or loss when they don’t sell. You don’t have to gamble and buy a product, hold it and hope it sells. You never touch the items sold.

No employees. You won’t need any employees unless you go big time and create your own empire.

No loss of wages since you can keep your job. You can work on your websites anytime day or night weekdays or weekends. It really doesn’t matter so you can fit your website business into your existing work or family schedule. You won’t have to risk everything (or anything) to start your own business.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale banner
Get the lowest price of the year. 82 cents per day to run your own business!

Do You Want to Share Your Interests and Try Your Own Website Business?

Maybe you want to share information that you feel is important. Maybe you already have a business and need good web hosting and ability to attract customers. Maybe you want to try something new and see how it goes. Perhaps you would like to build a web business so you can quit your job and have freedom. Whatever your goals you can start right now today. I am so glad I checked out Wealthy Affiliate. I have now started my third website business and couldn’t be happier. I know I am building a business that will last a lifetime.

If you ever change your mind and get bored with a certain website you can always sell it as well. I know many people who build up sites, sell them and move on to another one. That is yet another way you can make money with an affiliate marketing website. There more that I have not even discussed here such as creating a site to sell your own products, writing books, getting paid to write guest posts on other sites, getting paid to offer advertising on your site and more.

You can check out all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for free and stay a free member as long as you like. You will be able to get started and look around. You can always upgrade to the full membership at anytime with options for monthly, 6 month and annual membership at cheaper rates. The best deal of the year however is the Black Friday Sale which Wealthy Affiliate is offering from Nov. 29th through Dec. 2nd, 2019. If you sign up for the free membership today you can upgrade during the Black Friday Sale and take advantage of the amazing price of only 82 cents per day to run your business for a whole year. I hope to see you at Wealthy Affiliate. If you sign up I will see you there and say hi!



Please leave any thoughts or questions in a comment below. I would love to hear from you!






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  • Hi Jessica
    Another thing that you can do with Wealthy Affiliate is to add a paid membership site. You can do this via a plug-in or a platform such as Teachable or Kajabi and once it is running well it will provide a regular income. I have managed to combine Wealthy Affiliate with a subdomain on Kajabi. Wealthy Affiliate supports the Kajabi site with rankings and a better overall support network and community.

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