How I Started An Online Business At Home

How I Started An Online Business At Home

Does starting a home business online sound enchanting but too good to be true? Does it seem unrealistic for a regular person. Like a magical unicorn? I felt that way for years.

I have always been independent and wanted the ability to be my own boss. I tried so many things and wasted so much time. It seemed that starting a real home business online was what I needed but it was very difficult and I didn’t know if I could make it happen.

The Problem With Most Online Businesses

The problem with many online business opportunities is that you are forced to sell something you don’t care about or run out of people to sell to. It might be MLM or some other program but who wants to have a whole business peddling a certain product to friends and family and desperately scratching for “leads”? You always have to find more people to sell to or sell more of the product to the same people. Even if you love the product you will almost always run out of steam. You will run out of people to sell to, the product becomes less popular or the market gets saturated with other sellers. That is not a lifelong business and it is stressful.

I Found A Personalized Online Business I Believe In

I was skeptical that the magical unicorn of a perfect online business opportunity was really out there. I suspected I was just not the right kind of person to be successful online. I didn’t want to “sell” constantly and I didn’t want to be just an employee or contractor following some else’s rules.I wanted my OWN business but didn’t know where to start. I saw an ad for Wealthy Affiliate and thought it looked good but it must be too good to be true. I had been burned so many times online. Why would this be any different? Almost a year later I saw it again and decided to take a closer look. It seemed to be a different place and the owners were transparent. They didn’t hide behind anonymous videos with cars and cash and mansions. They didn’t claim you can get rich quick. They didn’t say there would be no work. This was a real place with real people and real steps to build a business you could be proud of.

The best part of Wealthy Affiliate is that I can start a business based on my own personal interests! 

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the training, support, web hosting and security to start any business you want. It can be a local business with a great website, a purely online business, a business writing e-books, an online store or or a combination of any of these. This is just a sample of all the options you can pursue.

Whatever your interests, you can turn them into a business. I have a pet health website and a human health website. I review products I use and believe in. I am free to tell the truth. Even bad reviews are valuable to people searching for information. I can write about a certain product, compare products or write about any other topic I want. I can answer questions, write how to’s or just share information. I don’t have to “sell” anything. I never say “buy this”. I put affiliate links in my posts and if someone clicks on the link and buys something then I get a commission. You can sell more if you choose but you don’t have to.

How Can You Get Enough Customers Without Selling?

I have never paid for traffic to my websites. You can if you choose to but Wealthy Affiliate teaches the most powerful search engine optimization techniques to get organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic means people search for something on Google, Bing or another search engine and find your post. People looking for something find you, you don’t have to find them. This means traffic comes to you 24/7 even if you don’t do anything. Once you have a good website with lots of great content, traffic will find your site all day and night. You can take a day off and no-one will even know. This is different than a get rich quick scheme however. This process takes time and dedication. You have to set up your website and have content for people to find before you can expect it to run on it’s own while you are away. It is not hard however. You just need to follow the steps and not quit! I had no online experience and I now run 3 website businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate has training, powerful tools to optimize your content such as image compression, as well as it’s own keyword tool. You never pay extra for any of these things. Everything you need is included in the one price premium membership. This membership is ridiculously affordable. The most similar programs which don’t offer nearly as much support or opportunity cost more and also get you with upsells. If you want help you pay extra. There are different levels of membership. At Wealthy Affiliate you can start as a free member or go premium. There are no higher levels to unlock later. You can stay a free member for as long as you like as well. They don’t bill or require a credit card. You don’t pay and then fight for a refund. You can look around for free. No obligations.

You can even start a website as a free member!

I went to the premium level right away however since I could see this was the magical unicorn opportunity I had been searching for. I wanted to dive in and start my own business.

Premium membership can be paid for monthly or yearly. The yearly membership is only $1 per day. There are usually deals around Black Friday in November where the annual membership is even cheaper. Less than a dollar a day for your own business.

Premium Membership Includes:
  • Web hosting for 25 in-house websites
  • Web hosting for up to 25 personal websites (your own .com, .net etc)
  • Site Support available 24/7. This is priceless. They have fixed the few problems I have had in 2 minutes each.
  • Web Security. I have been hacked or had a virus on any of my sites.
  • All Training. This includes step by step videos, live classes, written training and more. Training is always being added.
  • Built in Tools such as Site Comments, Site Feedback and more
  • A Keyword Tool that can give you the ability to write posts that people will find.
  • An Amazing Community of Worldwide Members that will answer questions and give support 24/7.
  • New platforms, training and opportunities added each year.

This is not a comprehensive list of the features offered at WA but are some of my favorites.

Do You Want to Join Me and Try This Unique Opportunity?

If you have any curiosity about starting your own online business at home, please take a look around Wealthy Affiliate for free and see what you think. See you at Wealthy Affilate!



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